Social Netball

Our Social Netball program offers day, evening and mixed competitions. Contact the Blackwood Rec Centre if you have a team to register or if you are an individual looking for a team to join. Teams are welcome to join at anytime during the season. Our sports coordinators are always excited and looking for new teams. Whether you play 5 nights a week or haven’t played in 5 years we have a competition for you.

Ladies Netball

Our ladies netball competitions are a great way to keep fit and socialise with friends. Our competitions are held on Monday and Wednesday at our state of the art indoor court. Enjoy a fast paced game that is suitable for all skill levels. Join or register a team today.

Daytime Comp – Monday mornings from 9.15am

Evening Comp – Wednesday nights from 6.30pm

Monday Morning Ladies (Last updated: 15/06/21)

TeamGPWinDraw/ByeLossForfeitGoals ForGoals AgainstDiff.Points
THUNDER DUCKS14833034721761.5233
BLACKWOOD HIGH 14437024530944.2225


Wednesday Evening Ladies (Last updated: 15/06/21)

Team NameGPWinDraw/ByeLossForfeitGoals ForGoals AgainstDiff.Points
Mixers and Shakers141211045527562.3339
Sweaty Bettys121020037517767.9334
On Wednesdays We Wear…14923038127857.8134
Blah blah14815036030753.9731
The Opposition14626031730650.8828
Blister Sisters14518030535046.5625
Flinders Uni 112516031930051.5323
Flinders Uni 212219024732942.8817

Mixed Netball

Mixed netball is fast becoming the most popular mixed sport in the country and for a good reason. Indoor netball is a fun and fast paced game you can play with friends. Our mixed netball competitions are held on Sunday and Monday evenings.

Mixed Comp – Sunday evening from 5.45pm

Mixed Comp – Monday evening from 6.30pm

Sunday Evening Mixed (Last Updated: 15/06/21)

DIV. A         
The Tropics8800030010474.2624
Blue Flames8800027512568.7524
The Flail Effect8710023410968.2223
Captain Contact &the Offsiders8602023515759.9520
Big Big Sound8512015210060.3219
Black Panthers8512018013756.7819
Arkham Inmates8503017515553.0318
DIV. B         
Red Shirts8503016414752.7318
Drinking Team With A Netball Problem8503020719052.1418
Blue Moons8413016111358.7617
Greater Good8314016415651.2515
Fantastically Unreliable8314016516749.7015
Drink Booze Play Twos8313110813444.6314
No Clue620409715937.8910
DIV. C         
Still at the Bottom821507718129.8413
Coastal Shooters8107014122138.9510
Turbo Turtles801708519530.369
Fired Up810616322821.659
So You Think You Can Netball?1001083120.511
Loose Screws000000000


Monday Evening Mixed (Last Updated: 15/06/21)

TeamGPWinDraw/ByeLossForfeitGoals ForGoals AgainstDiff.Points
THE OTHER TEAM8701024213264.7122
VICTORIOUS SECRET8323018812959.3116
Bridgey Crew8403113318142.3615
Block it like its hot8215012817941.6913
Pump It Up8215010322831.1213
ALL THE GEAR AND NO IDEA8107014522838.8710
Goal Diggers801705720521.769



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