Social Netball

Our Social Netball program offers day, evening and mixed competitions. Contact the Blackwood Rec Centre if you have a team to register or if you are an individual looking for a team to join. Teams are welcome to join at anytime during the season. Our sports coordinators are always excited and looking for new teams. Whether you play 5 nights a week or haven’t played in 5 years we have a competition for you.

Ladies Netball

Our ladies netball competitions are a great way to keep fit and socialise with friends. Our competitions are held on Monday and Wednesday at our state of the art indoor court. Enjoy a fast paced game that is suitable for all skill levels. Join or register a team today.

Daytime Comp – Monday mornings from 9.15am

Evening Comp – Wednesday nights from 6.30pm

Monday Morning Ladies

TeamGPWinDraw/ByeLossForfeitGoals ForGoals AgainstDiff.Points
THUNDER DUCKS11704034324558.3325
BLACKWOOD HIGH 11515025422852.7022


Wednesday Evening Ladies

Team NameGPWinDraw/ByeLossForfeitGoals ForGoals AgainstDiff.Points
The Opposition7511023211267.4418
On Wednesdays We Wear…7223011715343.3313
Blister Sisters722308913340.0913
Blah blah7204111017838.1911

Mixed Netball

Mixed netball is fast becoming the most popular mixed sport in the country and for a good reason. Indoor netball is a fun and fast paced game you can play with friends. Our mixed netball competitions are held on Sunday and Monday evenings.

Mixed Comp – Sunday evening from 5.45pm

Mixed Comp – Monday evening from 6.30pm

Sunday Evening Mixed

The Flail Effect141220046521868.0840
The Tropics141112044023764.9937
Black Panthers141004037130055.2934
The Degenerates14824031022158.3832
Blue Flames14725030026053.5730
Drinking Team With A Netball Problem14724129928751.0230
Micky's Shooters14806030933847.7630
Arkham Inmates14716030827552.8329
Fantastically Unreliable14707032628953.0128
Red Shirts14536024724450.3127
Blue Moons14535122422949.4527
Still at the Bottom144010019834336.6022
Captain Contact &the Offsiders143011031641343.3520
Stop Netball Time141112022837937.5617
Greater Good901806921024.7310
So you think you can netball710608915636.339


Monday Evening Mixed

TeamGPWinDraw/ByeLossForfeitGoals ForGoals AgainstDiff.Points
VICTORIOUS SECRET151113038426758.9938
THE OTHER TEAM15708038938750.1329
King & Co12318025733243.6319
Shaun's Sheep511307612737.448



Tyler Simmons

Team Sports Coordinator

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