Hot Weather

Blackwood Community Recreation Centre (BCRC) Acknowledges that we have a duty of care to participants and is committed to the safety and well being of all people who are involved in our activities and related events.


The following activities will be automatically cancelled if the daily temperature is reported in the 7am news bulletin on ABC Radio 891 to be:-

38oC or higher

-All Junior Team Sports (Basketball, Soccer, Netball)

40oC or higher

-All senior Team sports

The Fitness Studio and Gymsports hall are air conditioned and will remain open except on declared Catastrophic Fire Days.

Catastrophic Fire Day

In the event that the CFS declare a Catastrophic Fire Day for the Mount Lofty Fire Ban District; ALL activities will be cancelled and the Recreation Centre will be CLOSED.

Team Fee Policy & Procedure

1. Registration Bond
1.1 At the beginning of every season each team will be required to pay a Registration Bond equal to the Team Match Fee.
1.2 This Registration Bond must be paid in full on or before the first game of the season. This fee will no longer be added to the Weekly Team Match Fee to be paid off over the season.
1.3 The Registration Bond will be held in credit and may be used to help cover any forfeit fees incurred in the current season only.
1.4 If at the end of the season (ie the team’s last game) the Registration Bond has not been used towards a forfeit fee, teams may carry it over to the next season, however if a team is
not returning for the following season the Registration Bond MUST be used to cover the team match fee for the last game.
1.5 The Registration bond cannot be cashed out at the end of the season.

2. Weekly Team Match Fee
2.1 The Team Match Fee must be paid in full prior to the commencement of each match.
2.2 Once the Team Match Fee has been paid in full the team will receive a team ticket that is to be given to the referee adjudicating the match, indicating that payment has been made in
2.3 All matches will commence at the scheduled time and any team that has not submitted their team ticket must finalise payment with reception immediately.
2.4 A team may take the court without the team ticket at the start of the match, however, in doing so must commence with one player short, until the team ticket has been given to the referee, at which time the full team may resume play.
2.5 If a team fails to submit a team ticket, they will receive an In-Game Forfeit, and penalties in terms of scores and premiership points will apply. A “Strike” will also be recorded against
the team (See below).

3. Match Forfeit
3.1 If a team forfeits a match, a forfeit fee will be applied ($100 all sports except Soccer $78).
3.2 All forfeit fees must be paid within 21 days of the forfeit occurring. If the forfeit fee is not paid within the time frame, the next match (whether played or not) will be classed as a forfeit loss and the team will be suspended from playing until the fee is paid.

4. Strikes
4.1 Each team may receive 3 strikes per season – teams who receive 3 strikes may, at the discretion of centre management, be withdrawn from the competition and be unable to register for the following season. Teams will receive a strike for a:
1. Match Forfeit
2. Failing to produce a team ticket