Don’t live in fear of falls

The No Falls Program is an exercise program that is designed for people aged 65 and up who are at risk of or have had a fall. The program will consist of a 10-week block with participants being split into smaller groups (6-8 people) on a Tier system to attempt to match participants that have similar ability levels


“… For those who have had or are at risk of a fall…”

Our programs are tailored to individual specific needs and can be modified if necessary.

We offer a safe supportive environment within our private air conditioned studio.

The No Falls Program will:

  • Help you maintain your independence
  • Make daily tasks easier
  • Improve your flexibility, vitality and general wellbeing
  • Develop and maintain muscle mass, endurance, and strength
  • Reduce the risk of falls and near falls

Before participants begin the program, they will be assessed by an Exercise Physiologist at the beginning and end of the program to check their ability level and what the next step is in their progression e.g. moving on to other programs (Strength for Life) or progressing into the next tier of the No Falls Program.

Participants will be given easy to follow hand-outs which involve basic strength and balance exercises that they will be encouraged to perform at home. They will also be provided with a weekly, “work-sheet”, to tick and indicate what exercises they have carried out. The objective is to mentor and encourage the acceptance of doing these exercises if they want to prevent a fall

Where to start?

Phone or drop into the Blackwood Recreation Centre to book in your initial assessment. Our next program will be launch in SEPTEMBER 2023

Please wear comfortable clothing and supportive footwear for your assessment and classes.

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