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On behalf of the afore mentioned team, I declare that we:- - will participate in all matches programmed for the season, and undertake to honour any fines imposed as a result of this team causing a match to forfeit. - are responsible for all team players and will pay game fees as designated and accept any penalty for late or non payment of prescribed game fees. - agree to abide by the “Play by the Rules” code of conduct and the Centre by-laws. - understand that we participate in our chosen activity at our own risk. - acknowledge that we do not have any injuries or physical ailments, which would prevent us from undertaking our chosen activity. - agree not to hold the referee, his or her agents or the Blackwood Recreation Centre liable for any injuries or losses that may arise from attending any activity. - Nomination Fee must be paid within the first three games the team plays - BCRC reserves the right to refuse a teams entry

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The Loyalty Card provides free or discounted offers from the Recreation Centre and many of our sponsors. It is a way for us to give our valued sponsors some extra exposure, raise some money for the Rec Centre, and provide you with some savings as well.