• Fitness Studio

    Fitness Studio

    Fitness means different things to different people. We all have different expectations and motivations and different constraints on our time, wallets and commitments.

    At Blackwood Rec Fitness Studio, we try to accommodate these differences by providing a range of fitness memberships, fitness classes and fitness activities.

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  • Memberships

    Membership Options

    There are a number of membership options. A Full Membership includes the following:

    • Initial Fitness Assessment
    • Personalised training program
    • Unlimited access to the Fitness Studio
    • Unlimited classes (booking required)
    • Includes S4L classes
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  • Personal Training

    Personal Training

    Are you bored with your routine? Are you not achieving the results you want? Having trouble making it to scheduled class times? Do you need some extra motivation? Or are you simply new to exercise? 

    If you can relate to one of these then maybe consider talking to our Personal Trainers. Trainers can offer extra support and encouragement, can set you on the right path to achieving the results you want and can tailor workouts around your schedule and specific needs.

    If you would like to make enquiries about Personal Training, please contact Ian, Cheri or Matt at the studio to book an initial consultation.

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  • BCRC Fitness Classes


    We have a variety of classes taken by qualified instructors. These classes aim to improve fitness and well being for all types of members. There is a class to suit anyone at any age. 
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  • Pilates


    Pilates caters for everyone, from the beginner to the advanced. You can perform exercises using your own body weight, or with the aid of various pieces of equipment.

    Our Pilates workout includes a number of exercises and stretches with sessions lasting 60 minutes. Each exercise is performed with attention to proper breathing techniques and abdominal muscle control. Pilates can be an aerobic and non-aerobic form of exercise. Always consult your doctor before embarking on any new fitness program, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition or have not exercised in a long time.

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  • Strength 4 Life for 50 plus

    Strength For Life (50+)

    Strength for Life is our award-winning supervised strength training program exclusively for participants over 50 years of age. Train in a group environment with your own personalised program.

    A typical class starts with a fun and simple group warm up. Next you spend approximately half an hour on your strength program. (Including both pin loaded machines and free weights.) We finish together with a cool down and a series of stretches.

    We recommend that you undertake strength training two or three times per week.

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  • Yoga


    There are a number of benefits of doing Yoga. In particular Yoga can improve your cardiovascular fitness and circulation, digestive system, joint movement and flexibility and has been known to reduce blood pressure as well as easing muscle tension. Yoga is non-competitive and suitable for anyone, regardless of their age or fitness level. Your yoga teacher will carefully guide and observe you and modify postures (exercises) when necessary.

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  • Zumba Fitness Logo


    Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin music and easy-to-follow dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training, alternating fast and slow rhythms and resistance training. Some research indicates that dance-type aerobic workouts like Zumba can improve cardiopulmonary endurance when done at moderate intensity and duration.

    Looking to add a bit of spice to your routine, why not come try it out!

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People's Feedback

We’ve got one daughter in Gymnastics, the other in Trampolining. It’s a great environment, the coaches are fantastic and the girls love it.

Chris & Lisa