Focused on results

Are you bored with your routine? Are you not achieving the results you want? Having trouble making it to scheduled class times? Do you need some extra motivation? Or are you simply new to exercise?

If you can relate to one of these then maybe consider talking to our Personal Trainers.

Trainers can offer extra support and encouragement, can set you on the right path to achieving the results you want and can tailor workouts around your schedule and specific needs.

Personal Training is a great opportunity to assist you in achieving your fitness goals over and above a general workout. They can help you with:

  • Learning how to use equipment for your specific needs
  • Increasing your general fitness, activity and well being
  • Tailoring workouts to match your schedule, fitness level and goals
  • Assisting with injuries, rehabilitation or special needs
  • Changing lifestyle and breaking old habits

If you would like to make enquiries about Personal Training, please contact Steve at the studio to book an initial consultation.

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