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Launch Pad Approved

LaunchPad Stamp of Approval!

We are very proud to announce that BCRC's Gymsports program has received LaunchPad Initiative's Stamp of Approval!

LaunchPad's programs are all about teaching children the fundamental movement skills they need to lead an active and healthy life full of sport and recreation. They've been especially designed to give kids the opportunity to practise, develop and, most importantly, enjoy moving through a wide-range of fundamental gymnastics activities that will help them to develop physically, socially and cognitively.


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  • Gym Hall


    Kindergym is a multi-movement based program designed specifically for children 5yrs and under and their caregiver.

    The program promotes the development of the whole child – physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively, in a safe, structured, multi-sensory environment, indoors.

    Learning through play in a stimulating, non-competitive environment assists children to develop to their full potential in readiness for kindergarten, school and sports.

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  • Gym Fun Logo

    Gym Fun

    Gym Fun is for Boys & Girls aged 5 – 8yrs

    As with all of the programs in LaunchPad, fun is a key element. If kids are enjoying what they're doing, they're more likely to want to do it again… And again... And again! As long as they are safe and repeating skills / activities with great body control, we're happy for kids to practise as much as they like! In GymFun, we focus on the fundamental movement patterns that will help kids to then progress into more advanced skills or activities. 

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  • Gym Skills Logo

    Gym Skills

    Gym Skills is for Boys & Girls aged 9 – 12yrs

    As children develop their movement skills, we can begin to introduce activities that may be more specific to certain sports. Now that's not to say that GymSkills gets all serious and competitive. One thing that GymSkills definitely isn't, is a range of repetitive drills and rigorous fitness training. Yes, kids involved in GymSkills will improve their fitness but keeping fun in the mix is a priority. After being involved in GymSkills, children will have had the opportunity to increase their confidence and competence in movement; preparing them for a wide range of other sports and activities.

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  • Gym Hall

    Comp Gymnastics

    Gymnastics encourages strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and balance. We include all apparatus, trampolining and tumbling.

    Participants must be 5 years of age and it is recommended that they have completed a term at school as this helps them settle into the class routine more easily.

    Class Levels

    Beginners - Level 7

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  • Trampolining

    Trampoline Sports

    Trampolining is extremely easy and fun. Besides the obvious fitness benefits of trampolines, it works many major muscles, increases your heart rate and flexibility, and improves your reflexes. It develops your body balance and physical fitness, strengthens the body muscles, ligaments, tendons and improves body movement. Most importantly trampolining can eradicate obesity and promotes good health.

    Exercise through Play - its great fun and your body is benefitting!

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People's Feedback

Thanks for the use of your facility. The party room and adjoining kitchen are both convenient and functional. It made for an enjoyable time! and the roller skating option is great for kid's Birthday's. I'll definitely be recommending it!