Hot Weather Policy

Hot Weather 


Blackwood Community Recreation Centre (BCRC) Acknowledges that we have a duty of care to participants and is committed to the safety and well being of all people who are involved in our activities and related events.


The following activities will be automatically cancelled if the daily temperature is reported in the 7am news bulletin on ABC Radio 891 to be:-

38oC or higher 

-All Junior Team Sports (Basketball, Soccer, Netball)
-Gym Sports-
-Gym Fun
-Gym Skills
-Junior Gym

40oC or higher

 -All senior sports

-Gymnastics Competition Classes levels

The Fitness Studio is air conditioned and will remain open except on declared Catastrophic Fire Days.

Catastrophic Fire Day
In the event that the CFS declare a Catastrophic Fire Day for the Mount Lofty Fire Ban District; ALL activities will be cancelled and the Recreation Centre will be CLOSED.

People's Feedback

We’ve got one daughter in Gymnastics, the other in Trampolining. It’s a great environment, the coaches are fantastic and the girls love it.

Chris & Lisa